Tarot with Nitaa

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot is not just about fortune telling. I believe in looking at Tarot as a tool to self-empowerment. This deck of 78 cards helps us and guides us in listening to our inner voice. It is a tool that offers insights to the reader about the past and the future.

Tarot helps us make choices and be aware of our intuition. Tarot helps you know where you are and where you will be, thereby helping you take correct decisions or do some course correction, if need be! It helps you make a choice, because the ultimate power is in you. You need to be the power to achieve your deepest desires.

Tarot Reading with Nitaa will help you in

  • Tarot guidance and answers to your current problems.
  • Know how your next one year will be
  • Tarot guidance for Health, Wealth and Relationship
  • Based on your tarot predictions Nitaa can customize your programs for effective results


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