Why Life Coaching with Nitaa ?

Why Life Coaching with Nitaa, you wonder? I am an example of self-motivation and being ‘The POWER.’ I grew up in East Africa, Tanzania. Due to the social and cultural outlook then, I wasn’t allowed to work and earn! After we moved to India and I saw thousands of ladies manage home and work and this fascinated me! After marriage I could work, but with family responsibilities, that desire was always pushed on the back-burner. It was not about the money – it was about planning my day constructively, learning something new and having goals.

Certified Psychologist

I didn’t let the situation bother me. I decided to learn as much as I can about all things that I found interesting and important. I made learning my life’s mission and that is where I found my answers. I graduated in psychology from Sophia College, Mumbai, and a new world opened up for me! I found my passion getting a direction. I could help people around me and that was what I thought was my calling. I did a lot of small courses and realized that my natural inclination to learn everything new not only kept me motivated but I could touch more lives with my updated skills.

Certified Tarot Card Reader

One such important skill that I learnt was Tarot Card reading. I could feel the pictures open a new dimension and guide me in a practical and logical way. The biggest compliment came from my teacher, while doing my Tarot certification, she said ‘I was a natural and I intuitively knew what the cards were trying to tell me.’

My Tarot Card reading journey began 18 years ago. During that time, when people came to me with their problems, I could find solutions instinctively. I constantly learned and researched to offer tangible solutions and that is how I came up with my personalized programs.

Life Coach

Life coaching just seemed like the next natural step. I was already doing it, with the guidance of my Tarot knowledge, but I didn’t know it had a name! My thirst to come up with better and more result oriented programs, gradually nudged me towards Life coaching. My programs are the distilled versions of my years of learning from various schools of knowledge and that is where I draw my strength from.

I will help you manifest your inner desires by finding the power in you. I will equip you with knowledge that will help you attract Health- Wealth and Happiness. My Mantra is ‘Be the Power’ because if you find the power in you, you can achieve anything!

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You could attend one of our workshops happening in your city and interact and learn from Nitaa's Secrets.

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You can also schedule a one to one personal consultation with Nitaa. If you feel online is not your thing and would want to meet Nitaa in person, you surely are welcome.


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