Hi, I’m Nitaa Bajaria ​-Tarot Reader and Life Coach

I design life transforming programs which have touched lives. My programs are highly individualistic in nature, focusing on the specific needs of a person.

My tarot readings don’t just focus on predictions but are of a soul nature. Based on a person’s tarot readings, I formulate tailored programs to make you successful in the areas in which your progress is lacking.

Thousands have found happiness with these specialized life transforming programs –

The Money Magnet Program



The techniques that I use for these programs are extremely effective, sophisticated, yet very simple to follow. I use a combination of popular techniques like Law of Attraction, Switchwords, Water Therapy, Numerology, Karmic Exercises, and Color Therapy etc. to bring abundance in people’s lives.

My programs have helped people achieve their goals, spot hidden opportunities, boost confidence, accelerate their health and relationships and above all – live a joyful and stress-free life. This transformation in the lives of people is what keeps me going.

To tap into the power of these life transforming programs and to unlock your purpose, abundance, and passion, connect with me now!


My Programs are based on  an exceptional and personalized combination of techniques like Law of Attraction, switch words, water therapy, numerology, karmic exercises, color therapy etc. to bring abundance in people’s lives.

  • Group training sessions.
  • Personal face to face consulations.
  • Follow up sessions and consultations over Phone calls.
  • Online sessions and consultations over Whatsapp.

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Color Therapy


Water Therapy


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